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The pendulum

in project... To be continued...

Work around the pendulum developed by Sarah Babani and Johanne Humblet.

Sarah is an aerialist, Johanne is a tightrope walker/tightrope walker.

From their meeting, was born an unequaled complicity, a listening which is the basis of their research around the pendulum.


Sarah Babani, aerialist

Johanne Humblet, tightrope walker

Virginie Fremaux, outside view

In the press :

"(...) public who came, sometimes from afar, savored, at the table or in the stands, the numbers that followed one another. Including – our favorite – that of the Daughters of the Pale Fox (sic!), Johanne Humblet, the tightrope walker, and Sarah Babani, the acrobat."

• FREE LUNCH • Monday, February 20, 2017 •

"A breathtaking performance.

(...) a show of rare artistic and technical quality, where breathtaking feats followed one another at a smooth pace that allowed laymen to appreciate them even better. One after another, one with the other, they captivated all those who, four meters below, admired them without restraint, and warmly applauded them when they returned to earth.."

The Gers newspaper  February 13, 2017 


A small shape

To be continued...

© Gilles Roger

© Gilles Roger

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