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the company in a nutshell

The company Les fills du renard pâle was born on August 14, 2016, in Châlons-en-Champagne.

The artistic projects of Les filles du renard pâle  are carried by Johanne Humblet, artistic director of the Company, who creates different forms of Funambule Performances. All the various encounters and experiences on the wire made Johanne Humblet want to go further in her research. His work and his artistic approach, within the company, are about surpassing oneself, seeking limits and pushing them back, all in a tenacious desire for artistic sharing, encounters and exchanges.

All of the Company's projects are accompanied by live music.

Johanne Humblet

A wire. 12mm in diameter. Balanced, Johanne traces her course on this straight line. She made her debut at the Brussels Circus School, went through the Espace Catastrophe, then, in 2003, left her native Belgium for Paris. She joined, for 4 years, the professional training of the Fratellini Academy and obtained her Diploma in Circus Arts.

Attracted by the great height, Johanne tests, plays and explores all the possibilities offered by this metallic partner.

On stage with, among others, Komplex Kapharnaüm, Cirque Bijou (UK), Cie Barolosolo, “Sodade” from Cirque Rouages, “Soritat” from Cie Timshel, “La Quincaillerie Lamoureux” from Cie Max and Maurice, “Les Cabanons” of the Buren Cirque, “London 2012” with the company Les Colporteurs,...

On screen with, among others, the short film “Les acrobatiques – Le fil” by Catherine Cabrol, and the film “The Farewell Affair” by Christian Carion.


Now established in France, and rich in her experience, Johanne decided to create in 2016 the Compagnie Les filles du renard pâle to have the freedom to create your own projects.

In 2021, Johanne becomes associate artist at Bonlieu Scene Nationale of Annecy and at The PALC Pole National Cirque du Grand Est.

Virginie Fremaux

Virginie was 8 years old when she discovered the circus “aux Campelières” (Piste d'Azur).

At 24 she graduated from the Fratellini Academy where she explored the elastic smooth rope and aerial lifts.

In search of emotional accuracy in her physical practice, Virginie turns as a performer to hybrid universes. She never stopped developing her quality of movement through the work of, among others, Bruno Dizien, Pénéloppe Hausermann (Trapezi, butterfly, flesh), Kitsou Dubois (A counterpoise, L'espace d'un moment), Julie Béres (Under the faces, We are not alone in our skin, Our need for consolation). She also joins the Cheptel Aleïkoum for "The meal", an adventure that allows her to explore a simple and sincere relationship with the public, a wall that falls, a precious job.

Now based in the Gers, she is interested in the development of cultural projects in rural areas. She aspires to transmit her gaze to the set, but also through the image, her other passion, through graphic design and illustration for artistic projects.

in the office


Johanne Humblet, funambule - artistic director

Catherine Njiné Djonkam, administrator

Judith Bligny-Truchot,  production and logistics administrator

Jean-François Pyka, production and diffusion

Anthony Simon,broadcaster, production

Olivier Saksik - Elektronlibre, press and external relations officer

Sophie Alavi - Elektronlibre, Press Officer

Mathilde Desrousseaux - Elektronlibre,communication

Cindel Cattin - Elektronlibre, communications assistant

Cécile Lorenzi - The Office, management and advice administrative,accounting

Sophie Hattier - The Office,management and advice administrative,accounting

Justin Mainguy,president

Axelle de Pontcharra,treasurer

Elisabeth Bressac,secretary

with us

Virginie Fremaux, illustratrice - graphiste

Jean-Baptiste Fretray, musicien compositeur

Sonia Fernandez Velasco - Colotis Zoé, chanteuse - comédienne

Jonathan Bontet, musicien

Annelies Jonkers, musicienne

Fanny Aquaron, musicienne - DJ Fillette

Violaine Garros, danseuse aérienne

Marica Marinoni, Acrobate Roue giratoire

Noa Aubry, Acrobate Roue giratoire

Sanja Kosonen, funambule

Irene de Paz, funambule

Louise Heritier, chanteuse - comédienne

Lana Mestdagh, musicienne - comédienne

Nicolas Lourdelle, régie générale - cordiste - régie accroches aériennes

François Pelaprat, régie générale - régie accroches aériennes

Katia Mozet Floreani, régie générale

Maya Racca, illustratrice dessinatrice

Solenne Capmas, costumière

Emma Assaud, costumière

Maxime Bourdon, voltigeur aérien - collaboration artistique

Farid Ayelem Rahmouni, collaboration chorégraphique

Florent Merino, régisseur général technique

Mathieu Ryo, régisseur son

Marc-Alexandre Marzio, régisseur son

Duncan Demoulin, régisseur son

Bastien Courthieu, régisseur lumière

David Baudenon, régisseur lumière

Clément Bonnin, régisseur lumière

Louis Sureau, régisseur lumière

Flavien Renaudon, régie générale et plateau

Andrea Bozza, régie générale et plateau

Yvan Bringard, cordiste - chef monteur

Rémy Legeay, cordiste - chef monteur

Jérémie Jambon, cordiste

Hervé Banache, cordiste

Cédric Clary, cordiste

Vincent Joly, cordiste

Antoine Joly, cordiste

Shaan Sauzéat, cordiste

Maël Bongini, cordiste

Simon Pourqué, cordiste

Géraldine Rieux, cordiste

Antoine Fressynet, cordiste

Matthieu Audejean, constructeur - Sud Side

Julien Monin, fildefériste - team action culturelle FDRP

Juliette Rillard, musicienne - team action culturelle FDRP

Thomas Bailly, réalisateur

Paul Bourdrel, photographe

Kalimba, photographe

Nicolas Maistriaux - Maison Clairvoy, chaussons de fil

and... ponctually or in the past

Stephane Girard, Gratte Ciel

Johann Guillon, musicien compositeur - Ez3kiel

Matthieu Duval, régisseur général et plateau

Ivy Blake, stagiaire fil

Aurore Martinet, Chargée de production

Noémie Codazzi, logistique

Valérie Leboutte, comédienne

Violette Legrand, chanteuse - Deadwood

Jérémy Manche, musicien - Deadwood

Steve Duprez, régisseur général et plateau, constructeur

Johann Candoré, musicien

Kevin Laval, musicien

Laure Meyniel, production

Bérénice Riollet, administration - production

Romane Vanderstichele, production - logistique

Camille Talva, production - diffusion

Cécile Dechosal , production - logistique

Laetitia Sarrazin, diffusion - logistique

Denis Russier, cordiste

​Cabinet comptable, cabinet FDM'experts

Philippe Moutte, constructeur - Sud Side

Mitchi Priori, constructeur - Sud Side

Antoine Gautron, constructeur - Sud Side

Alain Arraez, constructeur - Sud Side

Yann Ecauvre, collaboration à la mise en scène

Arnold Gautheron, cordiste

Arthur Ehret, cordiste

Philippe Bongini, cordiste

Djeyla Roz - David, musicien

Lionel Malric, musicien

Abdel Rakoon, musicien - DJ

Lison Maillet, musicienne chanteuse - DJ Vaness

Sylvain Chevallot, régisseur lumière

Pascal Voinet dit Pascualito, installation funambule - constructeur

Béatrice Contreras, cordiste - aérienne

Johan Caballe, régisseur son

Léa Lachat, régisseuse son

Laurent Audouy, régisseur son

Cyril Gilibert, musicien - x-roll

Fabien Soletti, musicien - x-roll

Mylène Rossez, production - diffusion

Amélie Payre, diffusion

PP, régisseur lumière

Leslie Bourdin, chanteuse - musicienne

Mehdi Azema, musicien - Brozer Fakir

Baptiste Pradeau, musicien - Brozer Fakir

Met.h.ode, musique -

Jean-Gérard Bernabeu, photographe -

Axel Tihon, photographe

Hamza Benlabied, portés acrobatiques - sangles

Maélie Palomo, portés acrobatiques

Mylèna Auzeneau, stagiaire fil

Maud Lafosse, mission assistante administration

Aurélie Merel, mission assistante administration

Anne-Lise Bouthenet, mission administrative

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