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Rest !

“  When experimenting, failure is inevitable. To experiment is by definition to engage in a territory where one has never been and where failure is not impossible. How do we know that we will succeed ? It is absolutely essential to have the courage to face the unknown. I love living in spaces that are in between, places where you renounce the comfort of home, your habits and where you open up entirely to chance. »

Extract from “ Crossing the walls – Memoirs ”, Marina Abramovic, Flayard

Rest ! is an enduring performance.


It's the life of a girl perched, in the air, balancing on a wire,...

Four hours on this narrow wire installed in the street, on a square, which comes out of a house window, or elsewhere, above you.

Always accompanied by these musician acolytes, accomplices in games and actors in Performance. They create the link between the ground and the air.


We play with the spectators, thanks to actions and situations of everyday life, to games created with the public, to moments suspended on the wire... A day, a moment, a look at life... high up.


The public is close to us, it can take part in the action, influence the course of events, express itself, because it becomes an actor in the Performance.


The wire crosses their space, our space, they don't always see that there is someone perched above their head… We teach them to look up, to rediscover public space, in a different way.

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Rest ! in the pool

The swimming pool opens its doors on aatypical performance.

The idea here is to totally invest the swimming pool thanks to yarn and music.


The wire is installed above the water, crossing the basin. The tightrope walker, perched on this wire, will be close to people, in constant communication with them, always in contact with the musicians and the costume designer who will be active players in the performance.


We welcome the public into our universe, in the middle of this swimming pool, which we will dress, inhabit, revisit, tame...

We play with the spectators, thanks to the sound, to a created atmosphere, planned games, surprises, moments suspended on the wire...

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Company phone:  

Artistic:Johanne Humblet - +33 (0)6 07 32 35 33

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Technical coordination: Katia Mozet Floreani

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Production administration, logistics:Judith Bligny-Truchot                   

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Distribution, production: Anthony Simon_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d _

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Hurry : Elektronlibre - Olivier Saksik

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