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Rest ! is an enduring performance.


It's the life of a girl perched, in the air, balancing on a wire,...

Four hours on this narrow wire installed in the street, on a square, which comes out of a house window, or elsewhere, above you.

Always accompanied by these musician acolytes, accomplices in games and actors in Performance. They create the link between the ground and the air.


We play with the spectators, thanks to actions and situations of everyday life, to games created with the public, to moments suspended on the wire... A day, a moment, a look at life... high up.


The public is close to us, it can take part in the action, influence the course of events, express itself, because it becomes an actor in the Performance.


The wire crosses their space, our space, they don't always see that there is someone perched above their head… We teach them to look up, to rediscover public space, in a different way.

The team

Direction artistique : Johanne Humblet

Funambule : Johanne Humblet

Création musicale : Jean-Baptiste Fretray

Musicien.nes : Jean-Baptiste Fretray, Jonathan Bontet, Sonia Fernandez Velasco, Annelies Jonkers

Régie générale : Katia Mozet Floreani

Chef monteur : Yvan Bringard

Techniciens cordistes : Yvan Bringard, Jérémie Jambon, Vincent Joly, Antoine Joly, Hervé Banache, Cédric Clary, Shaan Sauzéat, Maël Bongini, Remy Legeay, Simon Pourqué, Antoine Fressynet

Création lumière : Clément Bonnin, Bastien Courthieu

Régie son : Mathieu Ryo, Marc-Alexandre Marzio

Costumes : Solenne Capmas

Construction : Steve Duprez, Cédric Bach, Rémy Legeay

Réalisation teaser : Thomas Bailly

Photos : Paul Bourdrel

Presse : Elektronlibre - Olivier Saksik, Manon Rouquet, Cindel Cattin

Administration : Catherine Njiné Djonkam

Administration de production, logistique : Judith Bligny-Truchot

Diffusion : Anthony Simon

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Company phone:  

Artistic:Johanne Humblet - +33 (0)6 07 32 35 33

         artistique( at)

Technical coordination: Katia Mozet Floreani

         technique( at)

Production administration, logistics:Judith Bligny-Truchot                   

          production( at)

Distribution, production: Anthony Simon

          diffusion( at)

Hurry : Elektronlibre - Olivier Saksik

          olivier( at)

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