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Tightrope walker in-situ

“To be in suspense,  is to hold your breath. And look with as much attention as possible, what is simply there, what is offered to you in the presence of things.

The test is in this balance won over the void; at any time it can break. The tightrope walker risks falling, especially when he stops, when he practices standing there, almost without moving. It is his own impetus that he retains and which nevertheless would restore his stability. A tightrope walker, he prefers to attempt this miracle of suspension while leaning on the rope. You could say he's waiting – but that's another thing. The suspension is not a time stopped before something happens, it is the event itself; the entry into this intimate time where in reality the decision has already been made, but no one knows it yet. »


Excerpt from “Praise of risk” Anne Dufourmantelle. 

These are in-situ forms, adapted to the spaces, which are born thanks to meetings, discussions, bets and a common trust between the organizer and us.

Our accomplices are becoming more and more numerous.

Each representation is unique, adapted or created in-situ.


The desire is to bring the wire everywhere, even in incongruous places, and to bring our universe there which mixes tightrope walker performance, musical and absurd.


Les Performances Tightrope walkers in-situ  open the door to shared stories and moments of life that will be unique each time.

Let's create a story together. Let's imagine a space, whatever it is,   crossed by one or more threads...

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©Kalimba - Révolte ou tentatives de l'échec

La Roue Giratoire est une petite forme de 20 minutes, pour l’extérieur, que nous pouvons jouer deux fois par jour.


Dans un espace protégé, une installation simple avec la Roue autonome sur son socle et une petite scène à proximité pour le musicien qui joue en live.

Capture d’écran 2023-09-08 à 13.42.22.png
Capture d’écran 2023-09-08 à 13.43.01.png

©Yannick Perrin - Escapade - Bonlieu Scène Nationale Annecy

The team

Tightrope walker:Johanne Humblet

Technical coordinator:Nicolas Lourdelle, Katia Mozet Floreani

Rigging technicians: Nicolas Lourdelle, Yvan Bringard, Shaan Sauzéat, Rémy Legeay, Maël Bongini, Simon Pourqué, Jérémie Jambon,...

Music : Deadwood, Violette Legrand, Jérémy Manche, Annelies Jonkers, Abdel Rakoon

Light creation:  Clément Bonnin, David Baudenon, Bastien Courthieu

Sound management: Mathieu Ryo, Marc-Alexandre Marzio

Press: Elektronlibre - Olivier Saksik, Manon Rouquet

Logistics: Romane Vanderstichele

Administration, production:Berenice Riollet


Recherche de coproductions en cours

Production : Les filles du renard pâle


Avec le soutien financier de la Région Grand Est triennal 22-24,

La pré-figuration au conventionnement 23-24 DRAC Grand Est 

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Artistic: Johanne Humblet - +33(0)6 07 32 35 33

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Production Administration: Catherine Njiné Djonkam

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Production: Aurora Martinet

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Diffusion : 

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